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Fairs and exhibitions

  • ICE-Europe, Munich, 14.–16.03.2023
  • MetPack, Essen, 02.–06.05.2023
  • Gifa, Düsseldorf, 12.–16.06.2023
  • drupa, Düsseldorf, 28.05.–07.06.2024

Product- und company-news

  • UVC-R – Our latest generation of viscosity controllers is available, optional with temperature control, network-function and much more
  • ViscoLab 895 – Compact, low-weight lab-units, modern with high reproducibility, so we offer the chance for quick and simple viscosity checks of samples on site
  • MultiTank systems – New tank assemblies with 2, 3 and more tanks for quick liquid changes in production process, optional cleaning valves/function, central control for main parameters (e.g. temperature, level, viscosity …) and more
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