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Our products & services

Viscosity control

Viscosity measurement, control, knowledge

  • Viscosity control systems – inline/online
  • Viscosity test cups
  • Viscometer for labs / offline usage

oc-blending & dosing

Blending and dosing systems

  • oc-Blend-4000 for printing machines
  • oc-Blend for multi-component dosing
  • oc-Blend for solvent mixing/dosing

MCS coating control

MCS coating control systems

  • MCS-35 / MCS-12 conditioning units
  • MCS-iT Inline-Temp-Controls
  • MCS-Pu pumping and cleaning units

TC measuring & control

TC measurement & control

  • Level control and refill units
  • Temperature control (heating/cooling)
  • Ink / coating consumption & flow control

Pumps & stirrers

Pumps and stirrer technology

  • Rotating, peristaltic & diaphragm pumps
  • Electric and pneumatic agitators
  • Controls for pumping and supply tasks

Tanks & constructions

Tanks, pipelines and constructions

  • Stainless steel tanks, single & double walled
  • Pipe constructions and feeding lines
  • Mobile and local frame sets and assemblies

Cleaning & recycling

Cleaning, recycling and blast units

  • SKAB/RKAB spray & cleaning sets
  • ACS water treatment & recycling
  • ARMEX blast media and machines


  • Filter bags and inline filters
  • Coupling sets (Snaplock & Co.)
  • Hoses and pipe-works

customized solutions

Samples of customized solutions

  • Tank and control sets for individual applications
  •  … Your wishes? – We will realize!

service & maintenance

Service, maintenance and support

  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Calibration and regular inspections
  • Anilox and cylinder cleaning service

Test and Maintenance Solutions

Test and Maintenance Solutions

  • CBO Breakout-boxes with 9 to 78 pins/wires
  • Customized boxes by your specification

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Tel.: +49 5064 8077 | E-Mail: info@opti-color.de

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