Pumps, agitators, tank construction & accessories

We offer ideas and solutions for these tasks in the production process. The basic idea is to offer the widest possible range of combinable products so that individual solutions can be created for the respective application.

Pumps for inks, coatings & more

Rotary pumps, with and without ex-protection and constant flow, diaphragm pumps made of metal and plastics, gear pumps, hose pumps and barrel pumps

Pumpen lacke

Agitators: pneumatic / electric

Electric & pneumatic agitators for direct use in process tank and barrels, IBC containers and other storage systems optionally also with Ex-motors


Containers, Trays & Frame Constructions

Tanks & structures e.g. made of stainless steel, plastic or aluminum, single- or multi-walled supports, tank sets & tank substructures, trays and many more.



Filters for circulation systems in various sizes & filter screens, Snaplock & general couplings for liquids, bypass piping for pump flow control.

Hoses & piping as needed


We will find the perfect solution for Your process. Get in touch with us!

Tel.: +49 5064 8077 | E-Mail: info@opti-color.de

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