Viscosity Measurement & Control

50 years – that’s how long viscosity has determined our lives. We offer our customers the measurement and control of viscosity. With a comprehensive understanding of the special behavior of liquid media in process and manufacturing, we are committed to you and the implementation of your task.

Viscosity test cups

  • DIN, FORD, ISO & Zahn test cups
  • oc cups with handle for direct dip usage
  • Cups with overflow brim for tripod use
  • Special cups & additional accessories

Sensors for inline/online installations

  • Rotating sensors for direct & bypass installations with dynamic measurement in liquids to be detected.
  • ViscoStar falling ball sensors & systems for inline / bypass installation
  • Option: Sensors in ATEX design, additional temperature sensors and much more

Viscosity control & Software

  • Viscosity displays / control in high-quality industrial design, pre-programmed scales, optional scale editor & control parameters
  • Network functions for central devices, e.g. for connection to oc-4000 or oc-blending software
  • Option: Multi-valve control (up to 3 solvents), temperature controls with cooling / heating and much more
Viskositaetsregelung software

Lab and Offline Measuring Instruments

  • Rotating instruments for viscosity evaluation in laboratory & other offline applications with fast display for dynamic values
  • Optional: functions for rheological evaluation
Labor offlinemessgeraete

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