Test and Maintenance Solutions

CBO Breakout-Boxes from TRAWID specially made to check wire-connections in cable-sets, to measure, interrupt or swap/cross-connect by your needs.

CBO Boxes for D-Sub standards

  • Breakout-boxes with connections for D-Sub and D-Sub HD with 9 to 78 wires
  • Non-distructive, direct test of wires and entire cable sets
  • Available as tabletop solution or as mobile assembly for on-site usage

CBO Individual-Sets

  • Breakout-boxes by individual specification and request – just let us know!
  • Customized sets for your cables and connectors, handmade and tested
  • Available e.g. in mobile version with aluminium or plastic housing for optimized handling
CBO 9 15 25
CBO 37 50

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